Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Final ISU Project

The Final Assignment: ISU  

You will plan and design a Website on a chosen Social Justice Issue.


ISU Presentation  begins June 7th to  9th 

Your Design should include the following components:
  1. Users and Expectations. A discussion of a typical user to the website and how the typical user expects to use the website.
  2. A Mission Statement. Every good website design process will begin with a mission statement. Click here for more info
  3. Background Information. Answer some basic questions about the site such as demographics, design concepts etc.
  4. A Heirarchy Chart (Flowchart). Use a simple flow chart to define how the site will be laid out. Describe the information architecture and the hierarchy of the site through a diagram. Click here for more info
  5. A Mockup. A Mockup is a Photoshop or a drawn replica of the site design. AMockup is a working copy of the proposed site design.
  6. Homepage and min 4 to 6 additional HTML pages: with the following elements: 
                               a) Javascripts (ie. Password, rollovers, etc...)
                               b) jQuery (ie. Slide show, transitions, etc... )
                               c) CSS

    Timeline and Due dates:

    a) ISU Proposal ( Due: Tuesday May 23rd)
    b) Mockup (photoshop) (Due: Monday May 26th)
    c) Homepages  and links (Due: June 6th)

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