Tuesday, March 21, 2017

School Website Challenge

Challenge:  Due date: April 12th

Create and build a Website for the following Marshall McLuhan CSS Departments and Clubs:


1)Religion Department
2)Social Studies Department
3)Physical Education-Prudence
4)French Department-Shaun C.
5)Communication Technology
6)Life Skills Department
7)Mathematics Department-Brian
8)Science Department
9)English Department-Caryn
10)Visual Art Department-Oz
11)Drama Department-Lyndon
12)Geography Department-Justin
13)Guidance Department-Sarah
14)Library Department-Fred
15)Business Department
16)Co-op Department-Co-op
17) Social Services Department
18) SHSM programs
19) Music Department-Joshua M.


1)Badminton Club
2)Games Club-Daniel
3)Chess Club-Matthew
4)United Nation Club-Kevin
5)Music Council-Yimin
6)Drama Council
7)Tech Crew-Tyler
8)Yearbook Club-Sean L.
9) Track and Field-Mark
10) Cross Country
11) Hockey
12) Field Hockey
13) Ultimate
14) Swimming-Taehyun
16)Student Council
17)Weight Room-Jebriel
18) Soccer-Joshua P.

1)Global Village Store
2)Cafeteria Services
4)Peer Ministry

Project Parameters:
1)No restrictions on Native Applications
2)Must have an example of Javascripts, CSS
3)Min 4 HTML pages with links, rollovers on buttons
4)jQuary Gallery example
5)Appropriate content/images

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