Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cereal Box Packing and Website Target Audience Assignment



Design the packaging and website for a brand new cereal that’s about to hit the market. Your packaging design should be original and eye catching while conveying what the package contains. You will be responsible for developing the name of the cereal, font, and graphics used to promote the cereal.

NB: Your design must target one of the Psychographical grouping. Please refer to the article by William Meyers for more details.

Your design must include brand and product name, graphics and product contents. Consider the size, packaging type, and all six sides seen while on the shelf or table.

(Dimensions of cereal box packaging should not exceed 30 cm tall, by 20 cm wide, by 5 cm deep and Website dimension to be 1024 X 768 and 72 dpi)

Submissions should include artwork (hand or computer generated) and a short paragraph that details your design process and reasoning for design elements included. Any photographs used in your design must be clearly credited to their creator(s) on your board.