Saturday, January 23, 2016

Google PageRanking Factors 2015

There are many gossips in web that PageRank is already dead. Google took this feature off  Webmaster Tools. There was even an official information that company are not going to update it anymore. Explorations of independent companies such as Searchmetrics shows us contrary results. Google permanently changes its ranking factors but don't tells about it in public anymore. It is very important for us to know where and how can we use tools to promote our web-pages. Today we are going discover some Google juice for you.

According to Searchmetrics explorations the main innovation of Google Search is using Click-Through-Rate (CTR) as high valued ranking factor. This method come directly from Adwords service.

How does Click-Through-Rate work? 

Google divide numbers of clicks by page views. If 100 users looked through Google search result and only 2 clicked on your link - your CTR will be  0.02. It seems to be very good CTR. What is the reason of ranking changes? It can be promotion of Adwords. Otherwise Click-Through-Rate is really important because it is proceed by really users and owners of websites cannot cheat Google.
Now CTR change SEO business and will make a problem for new web sites. Because it is very hard for new web site with low position (10th page in the search) achieve high Click-Through-Rate score. The only way out for such a looser - use Adwords. Excellent promotion, isn't it?

Google use its PageRanking as dangerous weapon. Quite unpopular social network Google+ is on the 3rd place in list of major factors that influence PageRanking. So, don't spend your time - create a G+ community for your web site and add everybody there.

Numbers of backlinks is only on 4th position. It was the most powerful tool of marketing specialists before. Now it is still important - but not really. Is it a reason for Backlink generators' websites to look so ugly?

Facebook has 4 ways to influence PageRanking: likes, shares, comments and total score of links. There is no way to be on the first page of Google without alive facebook account.

Surprise! Pinterest is next social netwoks in Google PageRanking Factors 2015 list. Is it the way to improve visual side of Internet - I don't know. But actually I am agree with this solution.

Twitter is in the middle of the list.

Number of internal links is also very important for new Google PageRank. They help spread link juice around websites. The code must be like this:
<a href="" title="Keyword Text">Keyword Text</a>

Headers, keywords, descriptions are in the bottom of the list. It is not important anymore to take care about headers. Google starts to use another method that is out of site owners control instead of them - Relevant Terms.

What is it "Relevant Term"? 

There is a software inside Google that knows which words are often connected with other words. For example, if you are looking for "UX/UI". Naturally words like "test", "design", "application", "usability", "web", "user" must be on the page. If Google find them together with your search query, they influence PageRank. Relevant Terms are on the second place in Google Ranking Factors' list but there is no specification of where they have to be (text, header, links).


PageRank was leverage for spamьers, black and gray SEO, and Google knows it. Website owners manipulated with keywords, titles, headers, backlinks etc to get on the first page of search results. Google implements service where owners cannot influence PageRank. But customers can do it in their social network account. So, PageRank is alive and its moto is: the website must be interesting and there is no way to cheat us anymore!

For more details you can have a look at full list of PageRanking Factors