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Porter Airlines Samples/Download working files

Download files here:
Sample animations click here:

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Design Contest: Design The "_________" Of The Future!

Hello Students,

Our final class exercise is a design competition. This is not a graded assignment but there will be a prize for the finalist.

Challenge: Your design challenge is to create the "_____" of the future. Imagine what a cell phone might look like in 10 years, or perhaps what will new automobiles look like. There is no limitation of the subject, you could even design the coffee cup of the future. Think about how products change and evolve over a very short amount of time. What did cell phones look like 10 years ago or 20 years ago? What everyday item can you see becoming even more advanced over time? For this challenge, I as your instructor cannot aid your efforts, you must rely on each other to problem solve.

Time limit: 1 Hour, Designs must be completed and ready to present at the deadline

Format: Final artwork must be displayed on screen as a still image or slideshow presentation. Consider that your sales pitch is as important as the merits of your design. You may use any and all resources available to visualize your design but derivative work will be disqualified (no repurposing of pre-existing concepts, designs, etc... don't steal someone else's concept design and pass it as your own basically).

Judgement: While student input is taken into consideration for judging the finalists, the ultimate decision will be made by me. I am judging based on design originality, quality of illustration and details included with your concept. What makes your product/item futuristic? What materials are it made from? How is it powered? Is your design feasible? Is it beneficial, will it sell, is it even possible with existing trends in technology.

Advice: Take a few moments to think of your idea, research similar products or ideas, research current "prototype" concepts already in existence, take inspiration where you can. Check out my own design for an electric sports coupe below.

Presentation: Be ready to present your design to the class. Be prepared to discuss the details and advantages of your design to the class.

Wait for my mark to begin!

BMW M1E Electric Prototype Automobile Design Concept by Seth Wilson

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

ISU Topics

Racism-Sean M.
Bullying-Daniel P.T.
Poverty-Joshua M.
Pornography-Mark M.
Illegal Immigration-Fred M.
Violent Crimes-Kevin K.
LGBT Rights-Lyndon A.
Anti-Semitism-Brian H.
Feminism-Shaun C.
Cyberbullying-Sarah H.
Human Trafficking-Prudence V.
Child Labour-Caryn R.
World Hunger-Matthew O.
Torture-Joshua L.
Kpop (Specail Interest)- Taehyun
Global Climate change- Yimming Oz

Final ISU Project

The Final Assignment: ISU  

You will plan and design a Website on a chosen Social Justice Issue.


ISU Presentation  begins June 7th to  9th 

Your Design should include the following components:
  1. Users and Expectations. A discussion of a typical user to the website and how the typical user expects to use the website.
  2. A Mission Statement. Every good website design process will begin with a mission statement. Click here for more info
  3. Background Information. Answer some basic questions about the site such as demographics, design concepts etc.
  4. A Heirarchy Chart (Flowchart). Use a simple flow chart to define how the site will be laid out. Describe the information architecture and the hierarchy of the site through a diagram. Click here for more info
  5. A Mockup. A Mockup is a Photoshop or a drawn replica of the site design. AMockup is a working copy of the proposed site design.
  6. Homepage and min 4 to 6 additional HTML pages: with the following elements: 
                               a) Javascripts (ie. Password, rollovers, etc...)
                               b) jQuery (ie. Slide show, transitions, etc... )
                               c) CSS

    Timeline and Due dates:

    a) ISU Proposal ( Due: Tuesday May 23rd)
    b) Mockup (photoshop) (Due: Monday May 26th)
    c) Homepages  and links (Due: June 6th)

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

School Website Challenge

Challenge:  Due date: April 12th

Create and build a Website for the following Marshall McLuhan CSS Departments and Clubs:


1)Religion Department
2)Social Studies Department
3)Physical Education-Prudence
4)French Department-Shaun C.
5)Communication Technology
6)Life Skills Department
7)Mathematics Department-Brian
8)Science Department
9)English Department-Caryn
10)Visual Art Department-Oz
11)Drama Department-Lyndon
12)Geography Department-Justin
13)Guidance Department-Sarah
14)Library Department-Fred
15)Business Department
16)Co-op Department-Co-op
17) Social Services Department
18) SHSM programs
19) Music Department-Joshua M.


1)Badminton Club
2)Games Club-Daniel
3)Chess Club-Matthew
4)United Nation Club-Kevin
5)Music Council-Yimin
6)Drama Council
7)Tech Crew-Tyler
8)Yearbook Club-Sean L.
9) Track and Field-Mark
10) Cross Country
11) Hockey
12) Field Hockey
13) Ultimate
14) Swimming-Taehyun
16)Student Council
17)Weight Room-Jebriel
18) Soccer-Joshua P.

1)Global Village Store
2)Cafeteria Services
4)Peer Ministry

Project Parameters:
1)No restrictions on Native Applications
2)Must have an example of Javascripts, CSS
3)Min 4 HTML pages with links, rollovers on buttons
4)jQuary Gallery example
5)Appropriate content/images

Monday, March 20, 2017

Website for UX design studio

So, you decided to create your own studio. You created a perfect logotype and are going to build a website. Let's have a look what we have to do for it and what could be wrong. We decided to discover two websites from the Google search:

uxstudio. First of all we need to make it perfect. A design company`s website is supposed to have proper design. For example the logotype should be fixed because kerning is not ok here. But the icon is amazing. It contains U and X and looks like wire-frame.

qubstudio. Another UX studio has better kerning but is is not so remarkable and creative.

uxstudio. The color and first appearance is quite weird. I don't feel like I have come to an UX design studio. It is half-blurred, filled with green color. It could be any kind of web site.

qubstudio. And this style is quite common between UX companies. Owners might assume that it shows clear vision without distractions.

uxstudio. Users expect to see on the next screen what does the company offer. And here we have too many information. It is quite hard to keep in mind all these elements. Some of these are very specific processes like "Card Sorting" that means nothing to customers. Texts have strange leading - small in the header and big in the main text.

qubstudio. Here is better exposure. There are only 3 elements that are very clear to everyone. If some user wants to discover more he would press Read more. The style could be better because these shadows from  Material design and blue text-underlined links are not trendy any more.

uxstudio.  The next thing users want to check is a portfolio. It should show how previous experience of the studio is related to what this particular customer wants now. Here are portfolio slider with link to Behance. This is easy way to organize the portfolio and is ok for young design company.

uxstudio.  This is just lazy and unprofessional way. Design mess. I am not sure many users would trust to the collage of studio works with Behance link on it.

qubstudio. On this portfolio user could see all completed tasks and even these projects that are in progress. It is very reliable.

qubstudio. Every project is described very well. They show all steps of development from the persona research to UI and identity branding.

uxstudio.  Who could prove that the company is good in what it is doing - satisfied clients. So, users are interested in testimonials. It is necessary part of the website but testimonials are not very persuasive because users trust their own eyes more than someone's words. There are some problems with alignment (parts of one element are situated more far than 2 elements themselves) and text size (24px for testimonials)

qubstudio. I have strange feeling that design studios don't like testimonials. This one treats them like dirt. They put them on the map, made ugly alignment. Users probably would not read it because it's readability is low.

uxstudio.    Pictures of the team are more reliable than testimonials.

uxstudio.    The hover effect shows staff in funny way. This is not new but it shows that the studio really takes care about this part. Zsombék (FUR MANAGER) is awesome, isn't it?

qubstudio.  There is similar attitude to represent the team.

Users could be interested in the workflow because there are no standards in UX business still. So, every studio has their own rules and tools. Customers could be interested in it. There is information about workflow only on uxstudio. 

uxstudio.   Both websites have blogs with useful information about UX and other stuff. It is good way for exposure and acquisition of new customers.

qubstudio.  This studio uses as a platform blog to PR itself. That is great idea to cooperate with some famous UX designer and write about UX there - with a link to the studio website.

uxstudio.    If the studio is good enough user might contact. The contact form is asynchronous because user has to wait the response for many hours probably. I think users need more direct connection like - messengers, skype etc.

qubstudio.  There is similar approach. Labels of the field are barely visible here.


UX studio are quite professional to make good website. I am sure it must be not good but perfect. The owner must take care about colors, fonts, kerning, portfolio, pictures, testimonials etc. Perfect website is reliable for customers. I haven't seen any prices there. If I want to make a decision - I should write or call them. I think is is not very useful - users need clear understanding of the price level when they are on the website. If the studio is too expensive or too cheap for me - I don't want to look through their portfolio even. This approach might decrease average time of website visit but it might increase numbers of requests.